May 17, 2018


Hello and welcome to my website. Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about me.

My name is Diana. Yes, just like the Roman Goddess of the hunt, the moon and nature. No, it was not planned like that. In those times (I am not that old really) there were no scans to find out if it’s a girl or a boy. So my parents were prepared for a boy. When I was born my mum had to come out with a name fast and that was Diana.

I was fortunate to be born in a family that loves travelling and exploring. Since I was a young child I remember taking trips to different parts of the country, from our home in Aiud, Romania. Our time on the road was spent singing, reciting poetry or talking about our history and traditions.

As a crystal child, I enjoyed adjusting to the places we visited, and today as an adult, visiting other countries and exploring their history and sacred sites is my favourite way to spend a holiday.

I now understand that my unique connection to Mother Gaia, and her energy grid, enabled me to feel at home wherever I went. I have always known that I am one of her children.

At age 26, I decided I wanted to explore other countries and felt the best way to do that was to spend a few months in each location. My plan was to go to US for few months, but instead I arrived in the UK, unsure of what to expect, and the months transformed into years.

My spiritual journey unfolded bit by bit as I connected to the energy of the different locations in the UK, over time enforcing the heart felt knowing that I feel a deep connection to this incredible earth, way beyond time and memory.

I’ve always known that there is so much to life, so much more than the daily routine, and yet only experienced that through myths and legends. As a teenager my fascination of the ancient worlds, led to my surprise realisation that all myths and legends seem to have a common thread and motif. I could sense the magnificence of the stories of the Gods and Goddesses had hidden meanings.

Some people may say it’s a twist of fate that I was given the name of a Goddess… As a teenager I thought it was very cool. As a more evolved spiritual being now, with a deep love of connecting to all of the elements and the Moon, I realise I have barely scratched the surface of why I was given this name.

Growing into adulthood, and coming from a background where lack and limitations have been a fact of life, it has been a long and hard journey to see the light of my soul and to reconnect to the Divine.

Being consistently told and shown “what you have done wrong” as opposed to “what you have done right” had taken a massive toll on my self-worth. I had tended to see myself through other people’s eyes, and define myself by how other people reacted to me. Therefore, I spent many years trying to make everyone around me happy, pretending I was happy too.

My self-worth seemed to be based on others’ opinions of me. And because I am intuitive and empathic I knew exactly what to say and when to say it to make a difference. Not that I was aware of what I was doing.

During my process of self healing, I realise that I have searched for a road to knowledge and happiness my entire life.

When I discovered Transference Healing® I felt instinctively that I knew this path, and I knew that I had walked this path before. The energy felt familiar and the knowledge and teachings contained within seemed to be a natural progression of my journey, seeking knowledge of the ancient mysteries. My soul just felt at ease and could open within this lineage, as the answers to the mysteries are being revealed.

Through practising and running energy healing and self-discovery, finally my dormant divine talents are being awakened and this allows me to follow my path to be of service to others, whilst also fulfilling my search for knowledge and happiness.

Becoming a mother has added a new dimension to my journey as I learn to create balance in my life while balancing meeting the needs of my child and meeting my own. This is a very challenging act that takes practice and determination and a huge dose of forgiveness and surrendering to life.

After many years of self-healing and actively working with my gifts I have been reborn as a Magdalene High Priestess. Being of service to others, as I guide and support them through their own healing and empowerment journey, is a big part of my path. I am learning every day to embrace being a mystic and a mother, bringing the sacred into the mundane and redefining what it means for me to be a child of the Divine as I walk on this Earth.

My deep love for knowledge is only surpassed by the love for sharing what I know and helping others to find and see that life always offers us alternatives. During challenging times is when we grow the most but it’s also when we need support the most. We very often need someone to hold an unconditional and light filled space for us and guide us gently as we work through our shadows and limitations, as we learn to hold our own unconditional, love and light filled space for ourselves.

It would be my honour and pleasure to share this journey with you and support you through your transformation.

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In loving and nurturing service,