May 24, 2018

Birthing You

Start with Knowing Yourself & Trusting Yourself

This is not about confidence though this will be a side effect of birthing your true self into the world. This is about stripping down ingrained ways of feeling, thinking and behaving that has been keeping you stuck in a life on auto-pilot. How do I know this? Because I have been there. Being an empath and not knowing what that means, how it manifests and how to take care of myself has left me wide open to feeling

• confused • overwhelmed • stressed • low self-esteem • discontent with my life

For over a decade I have been working on myself, practicing on myself and others what I have learnt through many courses, workshops and connecting to my soul’s wisdom. If you are ready to transform your life in ways that you never imagined possible, if you are ready to surrender some moments of peace for rapid transformation, if you have the courage to look deep within yourself and accept yourself warts and all I can support you through this so you start aligning and keep re-aligning yourself to your soul’s wisdom.

After a lot of soul searching I discovered that a lot of my joy comes from helping others find a way to navigate life. A way that’s right for them. Guiding others, to tap into and use their divine gifts, has been one of my blessings.

It is during times of intense challenges and changes that we grow most. It is also when we need support most.

Through my work I support women to birth themselves as empowered beings who can hold their light in any situation, drawing on their experience and inner wisdom. Women who are willing to ask questions and to step outside of the box to see the bigger picture. I am blessed to hold space and witness women from all walks of life feeling deeply into their heart’s and womb’s wisdom and knowledge and through accessing their gifts and talents create an abundant and vibrant life. I do this through:

• 1 to 1 healing sessions ~ Transference Healing, Angelic Healing, Flower Power Healing

• spiritual guidance ~ Soul Guidance Readings

• women circles ~ Goddess Circle Meditation

• priestess training

• hypnobirthing ~ Birthing Your Child

• workshops ~ Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Course

After many years of self-healing and actively working with my gifts I have been reborn as a Magdalene High Priestess. Being of service to others, as I guide and support them through their own healing and empowerment journey, is a big part of my path. I am learning every day to embrace being a mystic and a mother, bringing the sacred into the mundane and redefining what it means for me to be a child of the Divine as I walk on this Earth.

Let me hold you in the light as you remember your Divine self and birth yourself anew.

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