May 17, 2018

Birthing Your Child


right birth on the day

Why should you prepare for childbirth if this is something women have done for millennia?

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Maybe pregnancy has been smooth sailing for you so far, or maybe you are still struggling with morning sickness or other symptoms.

You read and hear so much about this time being one of the most beautiful times and that you should be feeling happy and enjoying it. Yet something is troubling you.

Are you apprehensive about childbirth?

There is a lot of information out there that seems to highlight the negative aspects and it can feel overwhelming and daunting. How the body works, what happens during labour and childbirth, options, positions for labour etc. etc. etc.

Are you uneasy thinking about the pain of childbirth?

We all have watched at least one film with someone giving birth. You see people coaching the mum in labour to push as she screams in what clearly seems to be distress and pain. Yeah it makes for good television but for birth preparation not so much.

Are you concerned about interventions?

Informing yourself about medical interventions around childbirth can be dauting especially if you don’t talk “medical” language. Knowing what options you have and how to deal with people telling you what you are or not “allowed” (don’t even get me started on the “being allowed” wagon. I could write a novel about that and there will be swear words involved too) can feel like being given a mission impossible assignment.

It’s true that women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. It’s also true that we used to live in tight-knit communities where one had access to practical knowledge by being closely involved in all aspect of life including childbirth. Much of that practical knowledge has been forgotten as we lost that close community life style. That’s where the learning and preparation comes in.

Who am I and why am I committed to helping you find the knowledge and the right tools so that you can approach and experience childbirth with confidence, in control of your decisions and trusting your instincts?

My name is Diana and I have been working with parents and children for nearly 20 years. I do this work through a variety of skills and mediums one of them being a Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor (if you want to know more about the other things I do go to About page or browse through the website). I am a mum to a beautiful 3 year old.

I remember the pregnancy months and spending countless hours on google reading about pregnancy and childbirth. The scary bit was that most of what I found was about all the things that could go wrong. My age and my weight seemed to be huge obstacles in even considering the possibility of a normal birth, never mind a homebirth. I vividly remember my mum’s expression when I told her I was looking into homebirth. Her words were: “Are we going back to the middle ages? We have hospitals now.” At the NCT class I was the only one out of 12 soon to be mums to say I wanted a homebirth. The teacher looked at me and asked: “Homebirth? And this is your first child?”

I am a happy soul normally but starting thinking about the EDD (estimated delivery day) was bringing a lot of worries and fears up. We used to leave in tight knit communities where women that went through childbirth could share knowledge and support. We lost that. My birth was by far one of the most traumatic life experiences for my mum. Of course she was fearful. My mum not believing in my ability to give birth to my son naturally and possibly at home was not making me feel confident about the whole birthing scenario. And all that culminated with one of the midwives I saw at a routine appointment telling me that I was “not allowed” a homebirth because my BMI was over the “policy” limit. Let me put it clearly she did not even look at my notes at that point but just looked at me head to toes and declared I was not allowed one. I was blessed to have an easy pregnancy and no health issues so I just could not understand all this resistance and judgement when it came to the choices I felt were right for me.

And than I found hypnobirthing with alternative birth preparation classes. I learnt how the body works and how everything works harmoniously to bring the baby into this world. I understood how the fears in my subconscious were affecting my confidence about my abilities and how to face and release those fears. The mind-body connection is fascinating. All the learning lead to a beautiful and empowering experience for me giving birth to my son at home in the birthing pool. Of course life had to throw a curve ball and not everything was perfect (stiches were involved) but it was the right birth for us.

I can’t promise you that you will have the perfect birth that you can imagine. Having learnt hypnobirthing during pregnancy and used the breathing techniques, visualisations and exercises during labour, I know how valuable being relaxed and confident during the birth is. I understand not everyone is confident asking questions and asking about options and alternatives as some medical professionals can seem unapproachable. One can get easily overwhelmed by information and medical terms. Also one thing that I noticed is that most of the time the focus is on what could go wrong – to be prepared – rather than what could go well. 

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Childbirth can be an empowering and positive event in your life – one that you will want to remember fondly. With the help of hypnotherapy for birth, through The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme you will learn techniques that will enable you to birth your baby in a more comfortable, calm and relaxed environment, and one where you are in control and you need less intervention from others. Plus you get all the practical stuff too from best birthing positions to how to write a birthing plan and so much more.

The Wise Hippo is a new approach to birthing. We believe a ‘positive birth’ experience is a state of mind, it’s not defined by what happens during labour and birth but by how a woman feels about her baby’s birth. Because of this belief we are able to teach skills and knowledge that empower women to trust their instincts and ensure that their baby has the right birth on the day.

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Click << here >> to read more about The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.

Still sitting on the fence not sure if this is for you?

Well I have 2 ways for you to find out more about it that won’t cost the Earth.

First one is an online presentation The ‘Hip’ Way to Birth Your Baby that you can watch and it’s free. You’ll find out more about the programme and how this approach can help you become confident about birth and gives you tools and techniques to actively use during labour, birth and beyond. Click << here >> to find out more details.

If like me you prefer the hands on approach, I’ve got you covered. Relax, Breathe & Birth is a 2h workshop and it’s a great way to learn few tools and techniques and get to experience a deep relaxation “hypno” session. This is great as a stand-alone workshop or can be an introduction or refresher to the full programme. Click << here >> to read more.

Most importantly know that there are always ways to get support as long as you are willing to reach out.

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