July 18, 2018

Flower Power Healing

Flower Power Healing

Flower Power Healing is an ancient way of working with the flowers to
create healing for body, mind and spirit. These Angels of nature have
consciousness and they have tremendous healing power within them and
they can be used in many ways to heal a person.

Each flower contains its own particular essence, a vibration of healing
qualities and when this essence is used upon a client it will transform
the energies within the body and the mind and create harmony.

There is a language with flowers and each flower has its own meaning as
well as its own medicine and they can be used in their light form so
that they manifest as light and when they are used in the healing
process in this way they are far more powerful than using any physical

The ancients knew how to work with the light of a plant and this
mystical knowledge is now being reintroduced as we move into a greater
time of manifestation.

Each flower carries its own signature and its own correspondences, it
has its own spirit and it is also related to the great cosmic teachers
who look after us.

This gentle method of healing is so deep and profound despite its
simplicity for the flowers are the gift of mother nature and she holds 
 many keys to healing.

One to one or distance 1 hour session £49

When booking your session as distant healing please choose Online/Phone option.

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