Heart Mastery


Many of us like to believe that our hearts are opened and full of love. The reality is that many of us just hold the hope that this is true. It truly takes time and practice to feel love in your heart and to have it open as much as possible.

When things happen in our lives we tend to close down emotionally as feeling the intensity of what’s going on around us might be overwhelming us. By closing down emotionally we are closing our heart as well. It is not easy to go through life with an open heart and also it is not easy to feel our emotions fully. The wisdom that we all have and share is that the secret of mastery and happiness is in the heart. By healing our painful emotions we are actively supporting the opening of our heart to unconditional love and compassion.

In the past couple of weeks I was shown in many different ways how important self-love is. Saying yes to myself, finding ways of nourishing my soul and my body…putting myself first… asking for help when feeling overwhelmed by the things that need doing or happening around me. We grow up being told that we should put others first but really how can we help/support people and be part of their happiness if we are not feeling supported or happy with ourselves? Self-love is not about being selfish and forgetting about everyone else. Self-love is about acknowledging our need for nurturing and healing and about creating the time and space to do just that for ourselves.

I remember the younger me telling people to make sure they know and feel they are the most important person for themselves. Deep down I knew that this was true and important. I might not have understood the meaning behind this but I knew and felt that if someone is a mess helping others will not be possible. Instinctively I knew what I came to learn years after: Healer heal thyself – the teachings of Chiron. In the same way as a practitioner it means to love yourself enough to allow time for yourself to be, to heal, to grow. You cannot be of service to others if you are not of service to yourself first.

In reconnecting to our heart we start reconnecting to parts of our true self. By opening our hearts we become vulnerable to the beauty and the magic of the Universe where there are no limitations and all is possible.

During the March circle we will be working with the loving energy and teachings of the Ascended Master Lady Nada. We will end with a Sacred Circle of Fire ceremony – for Purification, Protection & Empowerment, to support the awakening of the kundalini and enhance Divine Love and Protection. Get in touch if this resonates with you.

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