May 24, 2018

Individual and Couple/Family Transference Healing® Sessions

One to One (in person) Transference Healing® session​​​ £69

  • A full Advanced Level Transference Healing® session – up to 2 hours
  • Transference Healing® Lightbody Essence ​

When booking your session as distant healing please choose Online/Phone option.

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One to One (distant) Transference Healing®​​​ session £75

  • A full Transference Healing® session
  • Recorded personal reading, emailed as an MP3 file (or posted as a cd)
  • Transference Healing® Lightbody Essence (posted)
  • Optional telephone call ​directly after the healing – please arrange this prior to the healing if required.

When booking your session as distant healing please choose Online/Phone option.

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Couple/Family Transference Healing® Session – minimum 2 people  – £55 per person

Our immediate and extended family can often provide us with many opportunities for transformation and healing as many times members of the family can act as triggers to bring issues into awareness.

Due to numbers and logistics this session is distance only.

  • Full Transference Healing® session run on the family members as a unit
  • Transference Healing® Lightbody Essence for each person (posted)
  • Recorded reading, emailed as an MP3 file (or posted as a cd) 
  • Sacred Circle of Fire for purification

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Transference Healing® ~ in person or distant

…Heart and Soul alchemy…

A Transference Healing® session is a very relaxing experience during which natural multidimensional frequencies are channelled into your body. At the end of the session you receive an intuitive reading which helps you understand the dynamics around the changes that are/will be happening at the time of your healing.

You will also receive a therapeutic essence combination from the Transference Healing® Lightbody Kit to further support the integration of your healing.

As Transference Healing® works on an etheric level there is no need for physical contact during the session, which makes remote healings just as effective

A session lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. It takes around 2-3 weeks for the frequencies to complete the integration process within the etheric body and consciousness.

The energetic healing tools used in Transference Healing include:

  • Colour and sound waves.
  • Crystal and vibrational Lightbody Kit essences.
  • The elements (earth, air, fire, water and ether).
  • Alchemy symbols and planetary energies.
  • Templates, Masters and Rays.
  • Electromagnetic and magnetic frequencies.
  • Shamanic healing.
  • Crystal frequencies, platonic solids, skulls and wands.
  • Stellar, cosmic and interdimensional frequencies.
  • Gridding procedures.
  • Lemurian and Atlantean technologies.
  • Lightbody and Merkabah technology.

 Ts and Cs

I know from my own experience and seeing this in other clients that Transference Healing® creates a very powerful transformation process. Once a booking is being made and confirmed one will enter a state of preparation energetically that can manifest as physical, mental, and emotional purification symptoms.

There have been instances when people experienced tiredness and feeling out of sorts and even very resistant on the day of the healing. This is all natural and it means you are ready to make the shift. All you need is to attend the session and you will be supported to get through this.

In rare cases when one cannot attend the session due to extreme circumstances, the healing can be run via distant/absentee or rescheduled. I do recommend having this rescheduled within 5 days of the original booking otherwise cancellation fees apply:

  • No advance notice or communication given – £69 cancellation fee
  • Up to 48 hours notice – £30 cancellation fee

Please arrive on time for your sessions as I am unable to accommodate extra time at the end of appointments if you arrive late.

When choosing distant sessions please make sure your payment arrives at least 48 hours in advance.

Payments can be made via cash or bank transfer.  Credit Card or PayPal payments options available.