Mercury retrograde … and how to survive it

…and why I have learnt to welcome it.

I have been observing a pattern in my life. Big shifts just before or after the Mercury retrograde….or both which really shakes the foundations for me.

During a Mercury retrograde one can experience loads of symptoms and also many things going wrong. Things from computers crashing and electronics playing up to headaches and feeling dizzy and light headed. Keeping a journal can help you identify similarities in how you feel and what symptoms you experience during different phases of the Moon or other planets.

We are clearing and restructuring ourselves. Old ideas and dogmas are being cleared away. We are given a change to look back at past experiences with the wisdom we have now and consciously choose to release and let go of hurts and things that no longer serve us. I have seen it in my life and in the life of those around me. Past memories are becoming vivid again and past hurts are coming up to the surface to be dealt with. We have a massive opportunity to consciously forgive and release so that we are not creating the same patterns over and over again. 

Some people feel that Mercury retrograde is a time of problems and disruption and everything going wrong but I feel it is a great time for a “spring clean” followed by an upgrade. What a great opportunity for us all.

I still hear my teacher’s voice:” You are in a state of purification! Great!” Well…guess what….it does not feel great at all when we are in the mists of purification.

So how does one “survive” something like this?

Well mostly practice….as in practicing what we have learnt using tools that we have at our disposal. It is even more apparent now how important it is to create a nurturing space for ourselves and allow this purification to happen. Of course we get out of balance. That’s the whole point in a way. We need to disconnect and feel our limitations. We need to feel utterly alone in this world so we can understand that this is an illusion. We are never alone. But we need to disconnect so we are able to reconnect in a more empowered way, after the upgrade. New found streams of resolution and strength will flow and push us onwards and upwards.

What if you don’t have a spiritual practice so to speak? Well it is never too late to start one and the best bit is it does not have to be complicated.

Rest assured you don’t have to be doing complicated yoga poses or “fold” your legs up in the lotus position…Great if you can do all that … I for one I’m not able to do either (but I am working on it).

It only takes few minutes of being consciously present in your body. Start simple with watching and connecting to your breathing for couple of minutes every day. Take a walk in a park or in nature and just be present in your body observing nature and not letting your mind to wander around the shopping list or planning the house chores.

Stretch it to a guided meditation if you feel it’s the right thing for you. There are so many wonderful ones out there. If you don’t resonate with any out there I can help you and we can work together to create a unique one just for you.

But more important listen to your body and heart and let them be your guide on how to move forward during this time.

And if you need more support let me help you by being your guide and help you navigate these challenging times either through intuitive readings or one to one sessions.

 In loving and nurturing service,





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