May 24, 2018


This is some of the love I received from beautiful souls I worked with. There are more on my Facebook page. Click << here >> to read them or scroll down to see more on the page.

“I really enjoyed Diana’s ‘Divine Feminine – Embrace Your Inner Goddess’ session on Friday. It was lovely to sit comfortably with other women in a safe space and speak openly and honestly about our feelings without any judgement. The meditations were very relaxing and enjoyable. I left the session feeling cleansed, relaxed and in a good place to move forward from. I will certainly be going again.’

H.P., Newbury


“I have had a few Transference healing sessions with Diana a mixture of face to face, distance, group and 121, each is an amazing experience and a very big eye opener.

I have always been a bit sceptical of distance healing and never known what to expect from a group healing either but it has to be said that it doesn’t let you down, you do know that it is happening, you can feel the energy passing through you and the healing takes the same way / format as if you were face to face and/or 121, transference healing isn’t something you need to be physically present for and doesn’t take away from the experience either.

I don’t know how to explain the experience as I am sure it is very different for everyone but for me I go in to a deep trance I don’t know where I go or what goes on in my mind, different things happen with each session but when I come out I have a clarity that is difficult to describe, and then the reading begins. Diana takes the time to run through her notes and what she has to tell and what you need to get from the session, it’s like she reaches inside of you to show you what you need to know about your life at the moment but in the most kind, loving and nurturing manor. Messages from your higher self and guides I feel, along with a deep clean of you energy and aura with it, a carwash for the energy body as it’s a deepest mediation to go I have ever experienced.

For instance as I feel examples are probably required, my first set of sessions were around clearing an energy that has been attached to me for some time, a person, there were much chord cutting and working, lots of deep meditation images, with insights of the person not letting go, Diana was very helpful and also gave me really helpful hits, tips and exercises around this that also helped immensely.

My last session I went to my usual place what I call the nothing, and when I came too Diana started to tell me that I am not wanting to be around in public, and not to worry because when people say things it isn’t necessarily because of me even though directed my way, it is often because of themselves and their own lives they are living, I will be affected but it’s not because of me. Which was amazing as I was about to run in to a bad few weeks at work where an important colleague was very stressed and the energy directed my way (being empathic, it hit me like a steam train) wasn’t the most pleasant, to the point where I started to look for work elsewhere, they are unaware of this and I believe would be mortified at it. I think what I am trying to say is neither of us knew this onslaught that was coming or that I would get to the point that I wouldn’t want to go in to the office, and when I recalled the healing and remembered what was said, I realised that in fact this colleague was under immense pressure and I in fact I could have been anyone. Diana saw that and predicted these turn of events up front.

I think transference healing can give you many things, insights, energy release, clearing, a deep meditation, deep energy cleansing etc but I don’t think there is any one session that would be the same. This is an amazing experience to be had, Diana is a very nurturing earth mother in which you can lay your trust and yourself in her very safe and comforting hands, she looks inside and helps you through whatever she can and is meant to for that session, she also has the ability to give really amazing hugs!

I would recommend transference healing absolutely but mostly I would recommend Diana to do it.”

N.E., Berkshire


Diana – 3 words – loving, gentle, wise. She’s the archetypal earth mother! I didn’t realise I’d be in for any surprises, ie I wasn’t expecting a profound meditation experience when I attended one of her sessions at The Wellbeing Centre – Diana guides you through several meditations in a safe and open enviroment where you can share if you want to without judgement. I’ll definitely be back for more. Thank you Diana xx

K.M, Berkshire


Experiencing the frequency of Transference Healing® –“I have just felt amazing since Saturday! And I haven’t stopped talking since then either! You did some work on my Thyroid to open up my communication channels!”

T L, Berkshire


I have been seeing Diana every 2 weeks since November 2015, last year. When I initially came to see her, I was not well in myself. I had several unpleasant symptoms – a “foggy” head, physical pain in my chest area, upset stomach and I felt “blocked up” in different parts of my body. I had lower back pain as well and I also felt not able to speak up about what was bothering me.
During the first few sessions, I felt there was a “release” of pressure around my head and shoulders, My chest felt more open and my back did not hurt as much. As the sessions progressed, I found that it was like I was going through some kind of detox. At times I would experience headaches and other times I would feel really tired and needed to rest. When I asked for help, Diana was there for me. She was able to clarify what I was going through and reassured me that what was happening was temporary. I felt that every time I had a session with her it was like peeling away another layer from an onion. After each session, I felt that I was processing “stuff” and my mind and body was gaining a new balance.
I am still having sessions with Diana, as I feel that there is more “stuff” that I can still let go of. But I have found that I have gained more energy, found “my voice” and I feel more clearer and focused in my mind. I am a “feelings” person rather that a “head” person. For me, the TH sessions have helped me to release emotional upset and let me come to a place where I can have more peace. It has taken time and effort on my part, as well as Diana’s input but I have found that I am more accepting of what has happened in my life and I am a lot more confident since I started the sessions in November 2015.
I would recommend Diana to anyone that wants work on themselves in the longterm. She is very personable, easy to talk to and for me, she never judges me for what I say and what has happened in my life.
H. Z., Oxfordshire

“I have had several Transference Healing® Sessions with Diana and I have benefited greatly. The healing has been very powerful and helped me in many ways to connect with my true self, including parts that have been buried away. It has left me feeling empowered and able to have a better sense of awareness of myself and the world around me. Diana provides guidance and insights from a non-judgemental point of view and with love and compassion. The healing is unique and special and is something I would highly recommend.”

C. M., Berkshire


” My session of Transference Healing® was really lovely. I relaxed really deeply & felt very nurtured in the capable & caring hands of Diana. The feedback afterwards was very surprising. This healing works far deeper and on many levels than first realised & you are able to look at yourself & the way you live your life from a various different angles.It’s very enlightening. I would highly recommend Diana’s sessions. She is a beautiful, empathetic lady who always makes you, the client feel very cared for.”

H P., Berkshire


 “Just wanted to thank you for an amazing day.  When I got home I felt like I was on an incredible high energy level; It felt truly amazing; I felt so light and enlightening. I would highly recommend Diana’s Transference Healing® sessions. Many thanks, J.”

J H, Berkshire


Diana holds such a lovely space for a wonderful and relaxing meditation class”

E H, Berkshire