August 15, 2018

The Most Holy Name of Mary – Group Healing

Are you ready to step into your power?
Are you ready to meet your true divine self?
Are you ready to give yourself permission to shine your light into the world?
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This is the year of the High Priestess, the year when we are pushed out of our comfort zone to heal and awaken what’s been dormant for a long time.
The year when we strip down more of the layers that keep us in illusion and denial of our true divine nature.
On this day we are honouring a long lineage of powerful women that have kept the flame of the Goddess burning – Mary – Maria – Miriam – Wished Child – Beloved – Love.
A lineage of women that have lived according to the love of the Goddess, bringing wisdom from the void and guiding our steps through the light of their own hearts.
Many have carried this name and many more will carry on doing so. Some we know and some we don’t.
Opening our hearts as we drive deep into the void
holding each other
seeing the divinity in the other mirroring our own.
It is time to stop playing small.
It is time to embrace your true self.
Distant Group Healing in the comfort of your own space.
I will call you in etherically into my sacred space and will run Transference Healing High Frequency and Alchemical procedures on the group, creating and supporting a deep purification process to allow of transmutation and transformation of old energies, wounds, limiting beliefs and thought patterns.
At the time of the group healing gift yourself some quiet time and create a sacred space by lighting up some candles, burning some incense or sage and listening to some soothing music.
If you are not able to do that set the intention to receive the energy when you are able to give yourself that quiet time and listen to the recording.
You will receive the feedback and the channelling for the group as an mp3 recording via email.
Energy exchange £12
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In nurturing and loving service,